Humaneity Television – LIVE SHOW

This week our Humaneity Television crew were busy in the studio getting prepared for our first live show that will go to air in early 2017. Our Q&A style show will focus on Sustainable Living and Tiny Houses. We will be inviting a group of panelists who will field questions from our in- house audience.

You can participate as a audience member, or you can apply to be a panelist by writing to


JMC Academy – Television Collaboration


The city of Brisbane in Australia turned on a stormy afternoon on Wednesday November 30th, but that did not deter a group of eager Film and Television students from attending the Humaneity Television pitch event. Staged at the JMC Academy Auditorium in South Brisbane, the event brought together budding young students, as well as a few energised graduates to listen to what the plan is for launching Humaneity Television in Australia.

Robin Williams and Mark Philpott from Humaneity shared with the students the various ways, and reasons why they should consider getting involved in this project. Students sat and listen to personal journey’s of inspirational dreams, and ambitions. As a result many were engaged to ask questions about the finer elements of this project.


Katie, Robin, Susan and Mark from Team Humaneity.








Originally inspired by the Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House project at Helensvale State High School this collaboration opportunity now extends to various other potential opportunities. Humaneity is continually focused on how it can collaborate with students, educational centres, and businesses to create awesome outcomes.

A recently agreed Partnership with Tafe Gold Coast will see Humaneity Television collaborating with Tafe Film and Media students in creating shows and content for Humaneity Television.

Founder of Humaneity Mark Philpott comments,

It’s truly inspirational to work with young people who are passionate about following their dreams. Humaneity is all about inspiring people from every walk of life, and tonights event was another small step in that direction’. 

The event ended with the JMC students now able to apply to collaborate with Humaneity on various different projects as part of their academic journey or their personal passion.

If you would like to enquire about Humaneity Television you can send an email to

To find out more about Humaneity check us on on Facebook at 




Humaneity Inspired Living – Shereen Tanwan

 Shereen graduated from Griffith University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Design [Interior Design] with Honours.  Since then, Shereen has been involved in many types of design projects ranging from hotels, through to retail, residential, corporate, and hospitality.  Shereen has an approachable nature which enables clients to feel at ease and know that their project is in good hands.

 Since 1996, Shereen has been a member of the Design Institute of Australia [MDIA], which allows a creative community to come together and is there to allow on-going design research, inspiration and staying invloved within the design industry in all parts of Australia.

The key to a successful interior space starts with research and understanding the client’s brief and brand. We ensure a creative approach to our design process which reflects to unique design outcomes and customizing items to give clients a design that they can really call ‘their own’.

By also procuring the required FF&E components, it enables us to produce the exact design and not compromise on the final outcome.

At Silver Pink Design Studio, its about pushing boundaries and exceeding client’s expectations.  It’s about building great working relationships, and presenting creative, functional design to each and every client we work with.  We want to provide you with exactly what you need and want!

Currumbin Eco Village Tour – Nov 19th


Ben O’Callaghan -Tour Guide

On Saturday November 19th a group of our Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House team members, and some members from the Brisbane Tiny House Facebook group met at the Currumbin Eco Village on Currumbin Creek Road for a 1.5hr tour of the village.

Our enthusiastic tour guide, Ben O’Callaghan was ready and waiting as the majority of our group arrived under what were very sultry skies on the Gold Coast. Set in a lush tranquil setting, the Eco Village is not one of those places that ‘smacks’ you in the face upon your arrival. It’s meandering layout allows one to gently become accustomed to it’s somewhat mysterious presence.

Ben commenced the tour by providing some specific facts about the development. Originally purchased for $3m the land was eventually developed at a cost of over $40m. Today 144 dwellings sit on a the total acreage throughout various stages of the villages evolution.

We commenced our tour from the front, or main road side of the property, and then walked as a group through to the nearby community centre. What stood out immediately about the village was the design that enables true community interaction. No fences between dwellings, and facilities such as a community pool, gym, community hall where residents can come together and interact.

As Ben explained the planning that has gone into the design has resulted in the village winning numerous awards for its effectiveness and efficiently. BUT, and it is a big BUT, it all comes at a price. Many of the dwellings are over $1m to purchase and the smaller one bedroom plus studio are priced at over $600k. Affordable living it is not.

As a Tiny House group we are interested in how to make sustainable living affordable, and somehow, having a home on a trailer, that is mobile, and off grid seems to be very appealing to an increasing number of people here in Australia and across the world.

We continued our tour, and while it was great to hear about all of the innovative materials and systems that have been used in the village, my personal assessment was, ‘well lots of money can buy anything’.

Yet, if you are looking for some very cool design ideas, and want to adapt those to your own ethos around budget and location, then there is no doubt that the Eco Village will inspire you with many great ideas. Ben’s passion and energy definitely helped to create an atmosphere that mirrored the sustainable environment that our group was walking through.

It was also Ben’s generosity of opening up his own home to show our group through that brought another dimension to this already very personalised tour. Meeting his happy family, who obviously enjoy living in the village brought a real soulful, and intimate feeling to what we were sharing.

The Currumbin Eco Village has developed an environment where the sense of community can be sensed, yet, like in any community, gated or not, it is up to the ‘people’ who live there to decide how much ‘community’ interactive living actually takes place.

Plans for a community garden are underway at the Eco Village, an online shareable network to encourage sharing is well and truly in place, yet there is nothing really that sets it apart from a common neighbourhood in a common suburb where people do come together to do things as a collective.

Fast internet, eco friendly waste management, efficient power sourcing and management are all built in features of the eco village infrastructure. But really, like in any environment it comes down to the individuals, and whether or not they embrace all, or some of the sustainable behaviours that are available to us all.

So in summary I would say this. The Currumbin Eco Village is deservedly an award winning state of the art, expensive sustainable oasis nestled into a beautiful valley on the Gold Coast.

It is, attempting to provide people with a far greater level of sustainable living. I would need to talk to many more of the residents to truly understand how ‘much’ of this sustainable living they actually buy into. In Ben’s case it is his day job, running a consultancy on sustainable living, so there is little wonder that his natural passion may be more obvious than some of his neighbours.

Like this rest of our group, I learnt a lot on the tour, and was very thankful we undertook another opportunity to gain further knowledge on what others are doing, and creating, to live a more sustainable, and ultimately a more happier lifestyle.

To arrange your own tour of the Currumbin Eco Village you can contact Ben at ben.o’ Tell Ben , Mark from Humaneity sent you, and you just might end up with a great tour price.





Humaneity Inspired Living – Matthew Webster


Another new recruit joins our collaboration project at Helensvale State High School. Matthew Webster was surprised to see his old Tafe Gold Coast teacher Marlon Pueblos when they ran into each other recently on our project. Matthew has recently started his own business, Eco Space Solutions after having worked for a large scale modular builder for the past eleven years.

Matthew has many skills that can be transferred to Tiny House and sustainable living environment.  Matthew will be assisting our project group on the design and build elements of the Tiny House project.

We would all like to welcome Matthew to our team.

In the mean time if you are after a builder who ‘gets it’ then Matthew is your man. You can reach him at

Visit – Tiny House Company Brisbane


On Thursday November 17th,2016 a group from the Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House Project team visited the Tiny House Company warehouse in Brisbane. We were joined by friends from All Hallows School, as well as some members from the Brisbane Tiny House Facebook Group.

Thanks to Greg and Lara from the Tiny House Company in Brisbane we had a great time listening and learning about the hard work, passion and energy that has gone into designing and building Tiny Houses. It sure is a new and exciting industry as affordable housing trends in Australia start to increase. The USA is well ahead of the Australian industry but its thanks to people like Greg, Lara and Andrew ( who we didn’t meet today) who are inspiring others to consider the many benefits of tiny house living.

Our group was very impressed with the amount of detail that has gone into thinking of every aspect of tiny living. Sustainability is a big factor but also is the need to be mobile and given the restrictions on road transportation every aspect of the design needs to be carefully planned.


Humaneity Inspired Living Team – excluding Robin the Photographer taking this picture.

This visit served well for our own project at Helensvale State High School as we continue to work on the design of our prototype build. Our team sourced many good ideas from this visit that we will discuss and throw around over the coming week or two.

Our groups main priority remains to confirm the design plans for our first build so that we can commence the construction as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about the Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House Project you can write to or call us on (07) 5573.8574.

Humaneity Inspired Dreams – Ryan Mount

image1 (1)

We first met sixteen year old Ryan Mount at the Australian Industry Trade College on the Gold Coast in early November. Humaneity had been invited to the trade college to discuss the Tiny House project we have underway at Helensvale State High School. One thing lead to another, and before we knew it we had been asked to give a talk to two classes of students at the college that same morning.

It was a day before the school term was ending for the year, so the young adults already had their minds well outside of the classrooms, and into the space of planning what they were going to do with their holidays.

At the completion of one of the two talks, sixteen year old Ryan Mount came up to us, and explained how inspired by the talk he had been to go ahead to try and to live his own dream. He went on to tell us how his true passion in life was become a Professional Motorcross Rider. Not the builder that he was educating himself to become.

One thing lead to another and now Humaneity has taken on the challenge to try and make Ryan’s dream come true. The Humaneity Inspired Living – Live Your Dream project was born.

After meeting Ryan team Humaneity went away and contacted the 2015 Australian Motorcross Champion, Dan Reardon. Humaneity told Dan the story of how they intended to try to help Ryan to live his dream, and if Dan could possibly come to meet Ryan to have a chat about the world of professional Motorcross riding.

Dan graciously agreed.

Early in the afternoon of Monday November 7th Ryan Mount arrived at Helensvale State High School on the Gold Coast. One thing Ryan didn’t know on this occasion was that he was about to come face to face with the 2015 Australian Motorcross Champion, Dan Reardon one of his idols.

After greeting Ryan at the Humaneity office, and then entertaining some small talk the time arrived for Dan to enter the fray. We went and got him and walked him back to the Humaneity office where Ryan was sitting waiting. Dan walked into the office and the look on Ryan’s face was priceless.

Dan and Ryan commenced a healthy chat for more than forty five mins about the sport of Motorcross, Dan sharing many of his own trials and tribulations that he personally had gone through to live his dream to become one of the best Motorcross riders in the world. While these Motorcross guys are not as famous as Valentino Rossi and those other super stars on motorbikes they are as equally talented, and dedicated to their sport.

Ryan asked Dan many questions about riding, training including diet and nutrition. They shared stories about tracks, races and other famous riders. Ryan was well and truly on his way.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 12.23.04 PM

Dan Reardon and Ryan Mount chatting

During the conversation Ryan heard the magic words he wanted to hear from Dan. ‘ Why don’t you come up to my private track one day and come for a ride with me’. Ryan’s smile was from ear to ear. You could almost feel him asking if it could be tomorrow.

Shortly after it was time for the two Motorcross guys to say farewell for now. Dan was off to Sydney and then Tasmania for some races, and when he got back Ryan and the Humaneity crew will be off to Dan’s track to reunite, and to continue the journey of Ryan’s dream.

In the meantime, Ryan promised to get some practice happening on his own bike. He also committed to getting some exercise programs underway. Stay tuned for the next instalment of Ryan Mounts Motorcross dream here at Humaneity Inspired Living as well as seeing this journey on Humaneity Television.

A huge thanks to Dan Reardon for being so generous with his time and gracious enough to give back to the sport that he dearly loves.

You can follow Dan Reardon on Instagram at @danreardon122

You to can have the chance of having your dream supported by Humaneity if you send an email to

In less than 200 words tell the Humaneity team;

  • What is your dream?
  • What’s stopping you from living your dream?
  • What can you contribute to try to achieve your dream?
  • What would it mean to you to achieve your dream?

All successful candidates stories will be featured here on the Humaneity website as well as on the Humaneity Television Channel also on this website.





Working Group Meeting – Tiny Houses Nov 3rd, 2016



Tonights Meeting Members

Humaneity Tiny House Build Mtg 3/11/16: notes


Susan, Mark P, Katie, Keith, Dale, Trace, Gail, Elaine, Hamish, Shereen, David, Alison, Summa, Issy, Arlene. (Apologies for any spelling mistakes with names)

Brief introductions by each attendee


  • Mark P and Mark Blackshaw along with Summa and Bethany visited All Hallows to discuss the project
  • Visit today to ATIC (Australian Industry Trade College). Developing partnership and recruiting both staff and students. Plan for inclusion in next year’s curriculum. Discussion with neighbouring QPS about usage of vacant land next to college. ?community.
  • Meeting with CEO Riviera arranged
  • Issue identified with roof height in current workshop space. Dale and Mark exploring solution
  • Visit to Brisbane Tiny House Company arranged for Thursday 17th Nov
  • David Tangye is continuing with group that is exploring establishment of community. Meeting tomorrow at 7 at Nerang.
  • JMC pitch occurring on 26th of November

Goal for the evening:

To assign roles and responsibilities and continue discussions on design build.

Roles and responsibilities:

Trailer – Hamish

Design – Marlon/Shereen

Materials – Graham, Dale, Hamish, Mark and Shereen

The Build – Timetable required with expert on site each shift and volunteers

Manual – Katie and Lisa

Filming/Media – Robyn and Paul

Partners – All Hallows, AITC, Hutchinsons, Why Wait

Project Management – Keith, Sam, Arlene

Health and Safety – Arlene



  • All members have the opportunity to send in their design options in the next week
  • 1 week to also have any feedback on Marlons plans
  • All to continue obtaining Blue card – Mark P to place link on website
  • Mark to place OH&S information on website and Arlene to establish compliance log.


Meetings to continue Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons until school holidays begin and then revisit available times.


Tiny House Collaboration with All Hallows School – Brisbane


Mr Blackshaws Introduction

It may have been Melbourne Cup day in Australia on Tuesday November 1st but that didn’t stop our team from making a visit to All Hallows School in Brisbane to share our Tiny House Project with some enthusiastic Year 8 students.

Summa Wilde and Bethany Frankis, two Year 7 Students from Helensvale State High School accompanied Mr Mark Blackshaw – Executive Principal, Helensvale State High School and Mark Philpott the Founder of Humaneity represented the Helensvale Project Group.

Gathered in the sports hall the Helensvale team set about showcasing the Tiny House project and showing all of the young students what we are currently working on. Many questions came from the audience, these included; What size will your trailer be for the Tiny House? , What will you do with the Tiny House?.


Summa and Bethany exploring All Hallows

Our host for the day Anne Weaver from All Hallows School was very generous with her time and showed us around many different areas of the school. We were all very jealous of the great library building at All Hallows that had plenty of “cool” spaces as Summa said. Bethany said, ‘I’d like this to me my bedroom’.

A few teachers from All Hallows School sat in our our presentation and Sean the science teacher came up to us afterwards and said that he is now inspired to create a Tiny House Science lab for the school.

We shared with the All Hallows students all of the different ways that they can get connected to our project. It seems that many of them are interested in our up coming global design competition. Stay tuned for more news on this.

A huge thank you to Anne Weaver for inviting us to All Hallows, as well as to all of the Year 8 girls, and their teachers for such a friendly welcome. We look forward to collaborating with you all on the Tiny House project.



Online Global Collaboration

On October 16th Students from Helensvale State High School commenced the first in a series of online global collaboration sessions that are open to anyone to attend. These sessions feature students talking about the Humaneity Smart Living and Tiny House Project.

On the first call we had Anne Weaver from All Hallows school in Brisbane. Anne is in charge of a group of students who are designing Tiny Houses. We believe this collaboration will assist both groups of students at both schools as they learn from one another.

The Sunday night sessions will become a feature in the project as we move forward so other students, teachers, parents and individuals across the world can get to know what the Helensvale State High School project is all about.

If you would like to participate or know more about these information sessions then please write to