Humaneity Collaboration Centre – Marnie Griffiths

From SWELL to Collaboration

Marnie Griffiths is the Teacher / Librarian inside the building known as the SWELL (Student Wellbeing). Marnie has continued to care for the students of Helensvale State High School by being part of a team that have focused on student wellbeing by creating a space where students can go to feel safe.

On this Podcast Marnie shares her thoughts about the creation of the Collaboration Centre, the benefits it will bring for students, and the community at large.

Humaneity Collaboration Centre – An Introduction


Mark Philpott, the Founder and CEO of Humaneity Limited, talks about the Collaboration Centre at Helensvale State High School on the Gold Coast. The Collaboration Centre is a partnership between Humaneity and Helensvale State High School. This unique and innovative project aims to bring together the community to create programs, events and activities together.

An Open Invitation to All

Drop in to the Humaneity Office at Helensvale State High School to chat to us about the many opportunities to collaborate in the Humaneity Collaboration Centre.

Humaneity Invites Student Collaboration

Helensvale State High School Collaboration with Humaneity continues. More students dropping by with GREAT ideas for the Collaboration Centre.

An Invitation From The Humaneity Collaboration Centre

The Humaneity Collaboration Centre invites Businesses, Sports Clubs, Governments, Community Organisations, the Seniors Community, Other Schools and Universities, Parents and Families to come and join us in designing and implementing innovative programs and events through which we can all learn together.

Helensvale High School is our first project and we are interested to talk to the community above today on how we can work together to benefit each other – Collaboration.

Inspire Australia Update

On Thursday May 12th the Inspire Australia Group met for the first time inside the Humaneity Collaboration Centre at Helensvale State High School.

Inspire Australia is a grassroots movement that has been establish to offer everyday Australians a ‘voice’ in making Australia a better nation. The group meets on a regular basis and encourages the voice of the Youth to help drive the groups efforts forward. Several students from Helensvale State High School attended the last meeting. It has been agreed that Inspire Australia will create an online portal for Australians to put forward innovative ideas on current topics that people feel need addressing.

The next meeting will take place on Monday May 23rd at the Humaneity Collaboration Centre. This meeting will be for students who would like to join the group to add their ideas and support behind the Inspire Australia effort.

Humaneity Addresses Seniors at Helensvale State High School

Humaneity Founder and CEO, Mark Philpott along with Senior VP’s Susan Tong and Glen Blah, addressing Helensvale State High School Seniors assembly on the commencement of the Humaneity Collaboration Centre at the school.