Online Global Collaboration

On October 16th Students from Helensvale State High School commenced the first in a series of online global collaboration sessions that are open to anyone to attend. These sessions feature students talking about the Humaneity Smart Living and Tiny House Project.

On the first call we had Anne Weaver from All Hallows school in Brisbane. Anne is in charge of a group of students who are designing Tiny Houses. We believe this collaboration will assist both groups of students at both schools as they learn from one another.

The Sunday night sessions will become a feature in the project as we move forward so other students, teachers, parents and individuals across the world can get to know what the Helensvale State High School project is all about.

If you would like to participate or know more about these information sessions then please write to

The Working Group Unites


On Thursday October 13th the Humaneity SMART Living and Tiny House working group convened at Helensvale State High School. The main objective of this group was to merge the recently created Gold Coast Tiny House Community Meet Up group with the Humaneity / Helensvale High School working group.

Mission accomplished.

We are now off and running. Our first goal as a united group is to design and build our first DEMO tiny house. This will be constructed at Helensvale State High School by the ‘team’. From novices to experienced Tiny House builders we have everyone and anyone on our team. It’s exciting times, and if the energy in the last meeting has anything to signal this group is going to achieve many amazing results.

We recognised that prior to any building taking place there needs to be a great level of work done on the requirements and supervision of suitably licensed people to assist us. While some in the group are looking to build their own Tiny House there are many who want to make a positive social impact from this project.

We also agreed at our last meeting that we would now meet twice per week at Helensvale State High School. Thursday nights between 6.30pm and 8.45pm and on Sundays between 1.30pm and 5pm. This will enable the team to keep momentum going, as well as to allow other interested community members to join the group as and when they can.

The next step now is to agree on the basic design of the DEMO build while others focus on making sure that all of the OHS elements are being taking care of.

If you have any interest in this project you can write to for more information.

The next Project meeting is on Thursday October 20th at Helensvale State High School from 6.30pm – Everyone welcome.