Community Collaboration – The Tiny House Project

Back in September 2016 a collaboration idea was born at Helensvale State High School.  Just a few short months later a cluster of local, and national company’s have now come on board to support the Tiny House Project at Helensvale State High School.

Students, Teachers, Parents and local community members with the support of over 20 businesses will shortly commence building the schools first Tiny House. This landmark project aims to have a educational, social and community impact.

As sustainability and downsizing becomes a reality for many people this project has already started to educate many people of the benefits of living in a Tiny House. We would like to thank all of the wonderful partners who have come on board this project. Your support and dedication is very much appreciated.





TV Show Panelist – Philip Follent

Humaneity Inspired Living – Sustainable Living and Tiny House LIVE TV Show on April 19th 2017, is now announcing the first of our Panelists.

He is Philip Follent.

Philip Follent was one of the youngest architects elevated to the position of Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects 1989. He became State Director of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Awards Program in 2002 and was later awarded life fellowship in August 2007 for exemplary contribution to the architectural profession. His architectural practice won over twenty architectural awards and in 1996 he was declared Lecturer of the Year at QUT across all campuses.

Philip was Gold Coast City Council’s first City Architect and was appointed Queensland Government Architect in 2008. Both roles contributed to the GCCC’s and the Queensland Department of Public Works’ receiving AIA Presidents awards for innovation in the advocacy of architecture. Philip was the inaugural chair of the Queensland Board for Urban Places and is a member of the Queensland Design Council.

In August 2010 Philip commenced his appointment as the Founding Head of the Soheil Abedian School of Architecture at Bond University. Professor Follent recently was awarded the Sustainability Students’ Association Excellence in Teaching Award. He is a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences and has recently been elected State Councillor in the Australian Institute of Architects Queensland Chapter.