The Day We Went To Buy A Town.

On Thursday February 23rd, 2017 a group of random strangers came together to spend a fantastic day traveling to and from a Central Queensland town called Allies Creek. A real estate advertisement for the sale of the small town in the middle of nowhere had caught the eye of a few intrepid souls. United by a common theme, that was to venture off into the unknown to explore the property, and then to set about dreaming about what it could potentially be turned into.

The group hit the road from the Gold Coast shortly after dawn. The wonderful not for profit organisation FSG had kindly provided the mini bus in which we all travelled together. Our dedicated driver, Gary, made sure that the 863kms that we would travel during the day was done in the safest possible manner.

On board the mini bus we had students, people interested in architecture, town and urban development, sustainable development, permaculture, property investment, tv production and even singing.

Once settled into the rhythm of the Warrego Highway the group on the bus got to know each by sharing their backgrounds and reasons for coming along on this trip. The further we headed west the more we explored about each others past, present and plans for the future.

We arrived at our destination at 851 Mill Road, Allies Creek just 23kms east of Monogirilby some seven hours after leaving the Gold Coast. The last part of the trip had seen an end of the tar sealed road. Gary, our driver, expertly drove us down a twenty kilometre stretch of winding, dusty, bumpy gravel road until we came upon the oasis that is Allies Creek. Nestled between acres of trees, a street of houses, a few water tanks, a vacant saw mill, and a small dam this idyllic little setting struck everyone on the bus with a large degree of surprise.

Soon after stretching our legs after the long journey we stood around as a group and listened carefully as the real estate agents who had been awaiting our arrival explained to us as much as they knew about the property.

We then as a group ventured off around the tiny, yet fascinating little town to see what gems it may be hiding. The sixteen houses in the town were small quaint mining type cottages. All were being kept in reasonable condition to the surprise of many of us. The remnants of a tennis court was over grown by weeds, yet there was still signs of a cute little club house that still stood beside the run down tennis court.

Our first visit inside one of the dwellings on the property also took us by surprise. We didn’t find a run down ant infested structure, but a tidy little place that had previously been used as a school room.

We went from one dwelling to the next. Soon we were standing inside the towns community hall, church and present day table tennis club. Our group was already throwing around ideas on potential business opportunities for the town as well as ideas on how to get people excited to come and visit this far away place. All along a drone buzzed above our heads making a video memory of our trip.

Soon we were standing in the huge vacant de-commissioned saw mill. Large machinery stood silent and looking sad. Waiting for the day when they could be once again fired back into life. Then it was onto the nearby dam. There two ponds sat side by side. One was fill of ducks each pond adding to the tranquility and serenity of the property.

After a couple of hours of exploring the town, and quick goodbyes to the real estate agents we boarded the mini bus for the long journey home. As we re-traced our journey we spoke our individual truths about what we had seen in the town and whether or not we wanted to be part of some greater development opportunity.

The consensus was that Allies Creek while a lovely little oasis in the middle of nowhere did take us all by surprise, the fact that it is absolutely in the middle of nowhere prevented any serious intent from anyone on our trip to take this opportunity any further. As the sun set and we all dived into a packet of fish and chips on the way back to the Gold Coast, and to reality, we all reflected on what had been a great day out. As they say, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.       

By the time Gary pulled the mini bus into the car park at FSG ,and we all unpacked our bags from the trip there were some pretty tired souls on the bus. We said our goodbyes, locked things up and headed off on a separate ways into the night.

It had been a great day out, an opportunity to dream big, to see something different but above all else to spend a day in the presence of some great human beings. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along. Thanks to Gary our driver for a sterling effort behind the wheel.

Let’s see where the next adventure will take us soon. Stay tuned.

Battle Of The Bands – Inspiring Musicians

Humaneity Television is excited to be covering the Battle of the Bands event being staged by the Coomera Anglican College. On June 15th the Bands will compete for coveted prizes during a live show to be staged at the Tafe Coomera campus. Humaneity Television will film the entire live show as well as bring you up close and personal with the competing band members prior to the live event.

For more information about the event you can email Lynne Tarlinton at Coomera Anglican College at

Tiny House Trailers – H.M.J Trailers

Mathew Walters didn’t hesitate when we asked him to agree in building a Tiny House trailer for our Helensvale State High School project. It was a sweltering hot day when we visited Mathew at his H.M.J Traliers workshop in Morayfield just north of Brisbane. Mathew has built several Tiny House trailers and is getting great recognition for the results that he achieving.

Mathew is going to build a tri-axle trailer for our 7.5 meter long 2.5 meter wide Tiny House.

The Project team is now busy trying to secure the parts that we need so that Mathew can start building the trailer. If you need to speak to some about a trailer then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mathew. You can reach him on email at or on mobile phone 0411.778.027 

Humaneity Inspired Living TV Show

In early February 2017 the Humaneity Television crew started filming episodes for the Humaneity Inspired Living Show. The first shoot was on the Gold Coast in Australia. The Humaneity Inspired living Show is going to feature inspirational people, places and projects as we bring you content from across the globe.

Inspiring people to live a happier life by seeing, hearing and learning from others who are already doing it. Where we live, how we live and how to make it happen. These are all aspects of the new show. To find out more about Humaneity Television go to the page on this site or write to 


TV Show Moderator – Michael Croaker

Introducing Michael Croaker

Michael is currently the Head of Entertainment with Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Michael has worked successfully across film, TV and theatre over many years. Appearing in television productions such as 2014’s ‘Schapelle’ and hosting two seasons of a national series on the Nine Network, Michael also works as a keynote speaker on subjects of Effective Leadership and Living with Passion & Purpose.

Michael sees a direct synergy with both his own values and those behind the driving agenda with Humaneity, and is excited to be playing an active role generating dialogue around sustainable living.

Michael will be keeping the panelists in line during the Show and will invite questions from the audience.

TV Show Panelist – Lara Nobel


Lara is the Co-founder, director – of  The Tiny House Company based in Brisbane.

Her qualifications and achievements are endless, below you can find a long list. Lara brings great insight to Tiny House living and will share elements of the journey she travelled with partner Andrew and co worker Greg.


Carpenter – Registration no: 201359231

Master of Architecture (University of Queensland, 2011)

Bachelor of Architectural Design (University of Queensland, 2009)



Studied on exchange at Technische Univeristät Berlin (2008)

Published a research paper with Prof. Renato D’Alecon – “Migration of Sustainable Architecture Discourses and Practices”



Co-founder and director, The Tiny House Company (2015 – present)

Product design, client consultation, public speaking, office management

Greg Thornton Constructions (2013 – 2016)

Apprentice carpenter, working primarily on high-end residential builds.

Architectural Practice Academy (2012)

Practice management, resourcing, finances, design and documentation.

Part-time tutor, University of Queensland (2011, 2016)

Taught Adobe programs (Photoshop, InDesign) and architectural design

Private architectural design projects (2010, 2014)

New house at Mt Glorious (2010), kitchen renovation (2014)

Arkhefield (Brisbane) Architecture Firm (2009)

Hassel (Brisbane) Architecture Firm (2006)



EmAGN DARCH Horse Award, ‘Urban Provocateur’ Category (2016)

HIA Recognition of Women in the Building Industry & Construction Industry – Professional Women under 30 Years (2016)

NCWQ Helen Abrahams Bursary (2016)

CSQ – Construction Apprentice of the Year (2015)

TAFE Qld Scholarship (2015)

The Conrad Gargett Public Architecture Prize (2011)

The Board of Architects Prize (2011)

Thesis Commendation Prize (2011)

Gold Coast Urban Design Education Award (2011)

Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

Minister’s Award for Excellence in Art