October Focus

During the Month of October we are focusing on finishing the Tiny House project at All Trades Queensland. We are still looking for support from a sponsor to provide the fabric to cover our sofa bed, and we are looking for a sponsor to provide the handles for our cabinets inside the tiny house. If you know of any one that can help us out please have them write to susan.tong@humaneity.com or call on Ph 0409 358 374

Humaneity Tiny House Update – October

We are on the homeward stretch. Back in May 2017 when we first started the actual construction phase of the Humaneity Tiny House at All Trades we were all a bit nervous about how things were going to turn out. Thanks to our great sponsors and Mike and the team at All Trades we have had a smooth construction process.

Many things have been experienced when building the Humaneity Tiny House.

Here are some of them.

  1.  Make sure you know where you are going to put it when you finish building it.
  2. Don’t change the design 1 million times, you will never be satisfied.
  3. Something wont fit where it is supposed to, just suck it up and move on.
  4. White is a great colour to use internally.
  5. Don’t watch to many Tiny House TV shows or Youtube videos, you will only get confused.
  6. Make it your own, plant your own ideas and patterns in your Tiny house, don’t steal to many from others.
  7. Take your time. Deadlines can kill people. You will finish it – one day.
  8. Have fun during the journey. It’s easy to get stressed with building something, don’t.
  9. Celebrate the small milestones along the way.
  10. Laugh.

We would like to thank Brendan from MVP Tiling who has come on board this week as our partner for Water Proofing and Tiling the Bathroom. Thanks also to Hume Windows and Doors for supplying our cavity sliding door for the bathroom.

Over the next few weeks the team at All Trades Queensland  are going to make the cabinets and stairs for the interior and we will fit out the lights and appliances inside the Tiny House. We are going to have an open day once the project is completed and that will be a chance for any one who is interested to come along and to see the Tiny House first hand.

You can see more videos and updates on the Tiny House project on the Humaneity Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Humaneity/