ABC Radio Interviews Humaneity

The ABC Gold Coast Radio station recently interviewed the Founder of Humaneity, Mark Philpott about the organisations Tiny House Project. In the interview Philpott said, ‘ The Tiny House Movement in Australia is really gaining momentum. There are several Facebook Pages that have healthy followings, and plenty of Youtube video’s out there for people to watch on designing, and building Tiny Houses’.

When asked by the interviewer if he thought that Tiny Houses were the answer to Australia’s housing crisis, Philpott responded. ‘Look there are many benefits and advantages from building and living in a smaller space. Australia has the largest house footprint in the world per capita. I believe we all need to live more consciously for the sake of our environment, our cities and our souls.

The Humaneity You Tube channel now features Episode One of its Humaneity Inspired Living Show where viewers can follow the progress of the building of the Humaneity Tiny House which is a collaboration project that commenced in 2016 at Helensvale State High School on the Gold Coast.

You can listen to the radio interview here by clicking the link below.


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