Why Build A Tiny House?

The Tiny House craze is sweeping the world, or at least that’s what some people would like you to believe. Unlike in America the Tiny House movement in Australia is still finding it’s legs. Trendy affordable housing solutions are all the rage down under at the moment, it’s no wonder when the challenge of getting into the property market for young people in Australia is almost impossible.

But that’s not why this Humaneity project started.

This Humaneity project started off as a collaboration project at Helensvale State High School in late 2016. When back then the Executive School Principal engaged with Humaneity to create a project built around collaboration. An opportunity for students at the school to become connected to a real world endeavour involving the local community, and local businesses.

In 2017 the project moved from Helensvale State High School to All Trades Queensland near Bisbane. A move that was perceived to create a better ‘building’ environment while  allowing another set of students (trades students) to also become involved in a real world project.

In early 2018 the Humaneity Tiny House project takes another step in it’s evolution. With the build aspect of the project coming close to the end, the tiny house is again on the move. This time the Tiny House will return to the Gold Coast to take up residence as a transitional housing solution for those in South East Queensland effected by domestic violence. In conjunction with professional support services, and a few philanthropic souls, Humaneity is excited about how this Tiny House will  have a positive impact on many peoples lives.

It has been due to the support and generosity of over fifty Australian companies and one in New Zealand that this project has been made possible. If you would like to know more about the Humaneity Tiny House project or to book Susan or Mark from Humaneity to come and speak at your next event you can reach out and email us today at



The Tiny House Finds A New Home

In early 2018 the Humanity Tiny House will move location to it’s first resting place in South East Queensland as a transitional housing solution for those impacted by domestic violence. The Tiny House project has been supported by over fifty Australian businesses who have all contributed materials or products to the project that commenced in 2017.

Humaneity Founder Mark Philpott said, ‘ It’s been an incredible journey in getting the Tiny House project to this stage. We have had support from right across the country. Volunteers, companies and even organisations who have invited us to come and speak about how the Tiny House project will provide one solution to domestic violence landscape in Australia’.

October Focus

During the Month of October we are focusing on finishing the Tiny House project at All Trades Queensland. We are still looking for support from a sponsor to provide the fabric to cover our sofa bed, and we are looking for a sponsor to provide the handles for our cabinets inside the tiny house. If you know of any one that can help us out please have them write to or call on Ph 0409 358 374

Humaneity Tiny House Update – October

We are on the homeward stretch. Back in May 2017 when we first started the actual construction phase of the Humaneity Tiny House at All Trades we were all a bit nervous about how things were going to turn out. Thanks to our great sponsors and Mike and the team at All Trades we have had a smooth construction process.

Many things have been experienced when building the Humaneity Tiny House.

Here are some of them.

  1.  Make sure you know where you are going to put it when you finish building it.
  2. Don’t change the design 1 million times, you will never be satisfied.
  3. Something wont fit where it is supposed to, just suck it up and move on.
  4. White is a great colour to use internally.
  5. Don’t watch to many Tiny House TV shows or Youtube videos, you will only get confused.
  6. Make it your own, plant your own ideas and patterns in your Tiny house, don’t steal to many from others.
  7. Take your time. Deadlines can kill people. You will finish it – one day.
  8. Have fun during the journey. It’s easy to get stressed with building something, don’t.
  9. Celebrate the small milestones along the way.
  10. Laugh.

We would like to thank Brendan from MVP Tiling who has come on board this week as our partner for Water Proofing and Tiling the Bathroom. Thanks also to Hume Windows and Doors for supplying our cavity sliding door for the bathroom.

Over the next few weeks the team at All Trades Queensland  are going to make the cabinets and stairs for the interior and we will fit out the lights and appliances inside the Tiny House. We are going to have an open day once the project is completed and that will be a chance for any one who is interested to come along and to see the Tiny House first hand.

You can see more videos and updates on the Tiny House project on the Humaneity Facebook page at



Tiny House Possibilities

On Friday May 12th Humaneity Founder Mark Philpott spoke at a Local Government event in Brisbane hosted by Urban Utilities. The event brought together various risk managers from across many council districts for one of their regular focus group sessions.

During his speech Mark spoke about the possibilities of using the Tiny House movement to create positive educational and social outcomes.

After eight months the Humaneity team of volunteers has designed, and is now building a Tiny House in collaboration with All Trades Queensland at Shailer Park. Much has been said about the development of the sector, the pending legal challenges to locating Tiny Houses in our communities as well as the cost of these small dwellings.

It is just the beginning for the Tiny House movement in Australia and we are sure that there is going to be significant development, innovation and education continuing in this sector for many years to come.



Sustainable Living And Tiny House TV Show

On Wednesday April 19th at Tafe Coomera a live audience participated in the first Humaneity Television Q&A show called Sustainable Living and Tiny Houses. Our wonderful Moderator Michael Croaker magnificently managed proceedings as our fabulous Panel that included leading architect Philip Follent, Tiny House designer and builder Lara Nobel as well as Sustainability expert Anne Kovachevich and property renaissance guru Ian Ugarte all contributed to a lively and knowledgeable dialogue about the pros and cons of sustainable and minimalistic living.

Throughout the evening guests asked questions of the panel which often lead to intriguing responses, some even emotional as the plight of the current housing crisis in Australia was unpeeled layer by layer.

The show which was put together from a collaboration between Humaneity and Tafe Coomera team members offered the large audience that turned up a very intellectual alternative for a mid week event.

The first in a series of Humaneity Television productions the Sustainable Living and Tiny House show left many of the those in attendance with a great deal of food for thought as everyone grapples with the notion of how much do we truly need to be happy in this life.

One Student – Huge Impact


Ryan Mount is a seventeen year old student from the Australian Industry Trade College on Australia’s Gold Coast. We came across Ryan last year when after a Humaneity talk at the Trade College he approached the  Humaneity team showing an interest to join the Tiny House project.

That was back in late 2016. Fast forward to April 2017 and Ryan is now about to take on a fantastic challenge. Ryan has been tasked by our Tiny House Project team to design and build the outdoor decking area for the Humaneity Tiny House project.

In keeping with the projects aims to involve students from all backgrounds, Ryan’s motivation, commitment and loyalty to the project have endeared him to every member of our team.

Ryan is one of those young people who knows where he is going, knows he has to work hard to get there, and is totally committed.

Mark Philpott, Humaneity Founder and Tiny House Project Leader say’s, ‘ It’s been an absolute joy to have Ryan on our team. He has attended every meeting, provided great input to our project, and has not been scared to roll up his sleeves’

Just recently Ryan helped Matthew Webster the projects lead builder to lay the floor on the Tiny House Trailer. A job that took the two three hours to complete. A video on that experience can be found on the Humaneity Youtube channel at

Ryan says this about his involvement on the project,

‘ This project has already taken me to different kinds of places in my life, and I can see it has made me a better person, and made me more confident, happy, excited, and I am motivated to see this project through until the end and beyond.’

You can also follow Ryan’s decking project for the Tiny House build on the Humaneity youtube channel.

Thanks Ryan for joining us on the Humaneity Tiny House project, it’s great having you on board.





Rotary Joins Forces With Humaneity

Several Rotary Clubs came together recently in support of the Humaneity Tiny House Project. Thanks to Diana Traversi of the Currumbin/ Tweed Rotary Club a special night was organised so that Humaneity Founder, Mark Philpott was able to share with the audience the Humaneity Tiny House journey.

After the severe weather events that ravaged many parts of Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland a substantial audience turned up to the event which enabled many of the audience, who also included the Federal Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, the Hon Karen Andrews to ask questions about the potential of Tiny Houses in our Community’s.

Local Councillors were also present at the event, where there seemed a genuine interest about the future when it comes to building Tiny.

The night ended with many of the Rotary Club members showing an interest in supporting the Humaneity project as it moves forward.

Real World Experience For Students

On April 19th Humaneity unleashes another collaboration initiative this time with students from Tafe Coomera on Australia’s Gold Coast. The Humaneity Television set will be run by Tafe Students, Teachers, and Mentors from RP Williams Films from the Gold Coast. The live TV show called Sustainable Living and Tiny Houses will feature four expert Panelists from the Sustainable Living and Tiny House sectors. Panelists, Philip Follent, Anne Kovachevich, Lara Nobel and Ian Ugarte will be joined by the shows Moderator, Michael Croaker.

Live audience members will get to ask the Panelists questions they about the Sustainable Living and Tiny House worlds. Due to last for two hours the show will go to air at a later date on the Humaneity Youtube Channel.


ABC Radio Interviews Humaneity

The ABC Gold Coast Radio station recently interviewed the Founder of Humaneity, Mark Philpott about the organisations Tiny House Project. In the interview Philpott said, ‘ The Tiny House Movement in Australia is really gaining momentum. There are several Facebook Pages that have healthy followings, and plenty of Youtube video’s out there for people to watch on designing, and building Tiny Houses’.

When asked by the interviewer if he thought that Tiny Houses were the answer to Australia’s housing crisis, Philpott responded. ‘Look there are many benefits and advantages from building and living in a smaller space. Australia has the largest house footprint in the world per capita. I believe we all need to live more consciously for the sake of our environment, our cities and our souls.

The Humaneity You Tube channel now features Episode One of its Humaneity Inspired Living Show where viewers can follow the progress of the building of the Humaneity Tiny House which is a collaboration project that commenced in 2016 at Helensvale State High School on the Gold Coast.

You can listen to the radio interview here by clicking the link below.