The Tiny House Finds A New Home

In early 2018 the Humanity Tiny House will move location to it’s first resting place in South East Queensland as a transitional housing solution for those impacted by domestic violence. The Tiny House project has been supported by over fifty Australian businesses who have all contributed materials or products to the project that commenced in 2017.

Humaneity Founder Mark Philpott said, ‘ It’s been an incredible journey in getting the Tiny House project to this stage. We have had support from right across the country. Volunteers, companies and even organisations who have invited us to come and speak about how the Tiny House project will provide one solution to domestic violence landscape in Australia’.

October Focus

During the Month of October we are focusing on finishing the Tiny House project at All Trades Queensland. We are still looking for support from a sponsor to provide the fabric to cover our sofa bed, and we are looking for a sponsor to provide the handles for our cabinets inside the tiny house. If you know of any one that can help us out please have them write to or call on Ph 0409 358 374