Tiny House Collaboration with All Hallows School – Brisbane


Mr Blackshaws Introduction

It may have been Melbourne Cup day in Australia on Tuesday November 1st but that didn’t stop our team from making a visit to All Hallows School in Brisbane to share our Tiny House Project with some enthusiastic Year 8 students.

Summa Wilde and Bethany Frankis, two Year 7 Students from Helensvale State High School accompanied Mr Mark Blackshaw – Executive Principal, Helensvale State High School and Mark Philpott the Founder of Humaneity represented the Helensvale Project Group.

Gathered in the sports hall the Helensvale team set about showcasing the Tiny House project and showing all of the young students what we are currently working on. Many questions came from the audience, these included; What size will your trailer be for the Tiny House? , What will you do with the Tiny House?.


Summa and Bethany exploring All Hallows

Our host for the day Anne Weaver from All Hallows School was very generous with her time and showed us around many different areas of the school. We were all very jealous of the great library building at All Hallows that had plenty of “cool” spaces as Summa said. Bethany said, ‘I’d like this to me my bedroom’.

A few teachers from All Hallows School sat in our our presentation and Sean the science teacher came up to us afterwards and said that he is now inspired to create a Tiny House Science lab for the school.

We shared with the All Hallows students all of the different ways that they can get connected to our project. It seems that many of them are interested in our up coming global design competition. Stay tuned for more news on this.

A huge thank you to Anne Weaver for inviting us to All Hallows, as well as to all of the Year 8 girls, and their teachers for such a friendly welcome. We look forward to collaborating with you all on the Tiny House project.



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