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Here are some of the recent events that have happened at Humaneity.

Humaneity SMART Space Project

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.15.10 PMFor those of you (over 50 people) who attended the kick off meeting of the Humaneity Smart Space Project ( previously named the Tiny House Project) at Helensvale State High School today, thank you so much for giving up some of your Friday afternoon to spend time with us. To those of you who couldn’t attend todays meeting in person but who have asked to be updated about this project, you are also being included in this email.

Humaneity and Helensvale State High School are excited about the potential of this project. Your participation, encouragement and sharing today have left us inspired about this collaboration opportunity moving forward.

Todays Meeting goals were to;

  1. Inform everyone of the Humaneity SMART SPACES Project Vision.
  2. Invite interested stakeholders to form a committed working group. ( * Students, Teachers, Parents, Businesses)

In todays break out session all of todays attendees contributed ideas for the project. The three headings included;

  1. What you saw as the potential challenges?
  2. What’s in this project for You?
  3. Your ideas on the projects potential scope

A summary of that break out session is:

  • An overwhelming theme to create a sustainable, innovative, educational and commercially viable project.
  • A project that delivers on various Social Impact dimensions.
  • A project that embraces students, and the many outcomes this will bring.
  • A project that involves the community for the benefit of the community, locally and abroad.
  • A project that is well researched, defined and offers a differentiation in the market place.
  • A project that maintains momentum to insure participation numbers remain constant.
  • A project that provides an affordable living / useable space.
  • A project that focuses on innovation in materials, technology and environmental impact.
  • A project that is inherently created with safety in mind.

Our Five Steps to Success are detailed below:

  1. Project Kick Off Meeting – Held September 2nd, 2016
  2. Formation of Working Group – To be announced by September 11th, 2016
  3. Research and Project Design –
  4. Call to Action Interested Parties eg: Investors, Educators, Government, Commercial, and Individuals
  5. Entity Created – Structure and Governance implemented.

Immediate Next Steps

  1. Summary of today’s meeting notes sent to all by Monday September 5th (done)
  2. By COB Friday September 9th A Lodgement by email to confirming YOUR level of interest in being a member of the working group, and in what specific area/s you’d like to be personally involved, or your business, or your school, or government entity.
  3. Next Meeting – Working Groups 1st Meeting – Tuesday September 13th (time to be agreed by all participants).
  4. Any queries, questions, ideas or collaborative thoughts about this project should be sent to this email address:

Local Collaboration

This video shows the I.T Collaboration Support project that commenced at the Humaneity Collaboration Centre on Monday August 12th. Mr Graeme Cook, local businessman receiving I.T support from Year 12 students.

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