Meet Michael Philpott

Through a chance meeting on Facebook has come a collaboration that is sure to change lives. Michael Philpott is a New Zealander who has an epic life story to share. Now teaming up with founder of Humaneity, Mark Philpott ( yes they are distant cousins), the two are now embarking on a journey to write a book together, Michael’s life story.

Michael Philpott has lived with a secret for most of his life, a secret that has eaten away at his soul. Now Michael is ready to come face to face with his biggest critic, himself.

As brave as anyone could be, Michael is going to share his tell all story on how a young man living a so called ‘normal’ life became a heroin addict.

The books title, From Heroin to Happiness say’s it all, but like most things in life it isn’t, and hasn’t been plain sailing. Michael goes as deep as he needs to in his awesome account of what life is like on the streets of darkness, as his soul and identity are stripped to their core.

Now facing up to a world of online judgemental sceptics, Michael faces not only his biggest test yet, but he is also willing to open a door to a life he had previously only dreamed about. You can follow this electrifying account of addiction, love and faith through the Humaneity website and on Facebook at

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