Become an Inspired Partner


  • Television Brand Exposure

    Your brand prominently displayed on Humaneity Television.

  • Your brand on all print collateral

    Your brand prominently displayed on any promotional & print collateral

  • Digital brand exposure

    Your brand included in e-newsletters and Humaneity email signatures

  • Social Media Promotion & Exposure

    Your brand promoted via our social media channels

  • Brand exposure through Humaneity Podcasts

    Gain brand exposure and publicity through Humaneity Podcasts

  • Your brand on Humaneity merchandise

    Your logo on Humaneity shirts, bags and other merchandise

  • Gain Exposure through Humaneity TV

    Opportunity to be interviewed and receive brand exposure through HumaneityTV

  • Monthly promotion via our instagram page

    Monthly promotion of your brand, product or promotion via our Instagram channel

  • Access to all Humaneity Events

    VIP booking status to all Humaneity Events

  • Your brand promoted at Humaneity Networking Events

    Promotion of your brand at Humaneity Networking events

… and so much more!!

A Humaneity Partnership means almost endless brand exposure and promotional opportunities, resulting in more brand awareness and customers for YOU.


Opportunity to advertise on Humaneity Television (20sec commercials)(enquire for details)
Discounted Rates for TV Commercial Production.10% Discount15% Discount25% Discount.(enquire for details)
Promotion on Humaneity Instagram page2 per month5 per month(enquire for details)
Exclusive slot for Product Reviews at the conclusion of each program.2 per year5 per year(enquire for details)
Access to Humaneity Database Contacts(enquire for details)
Logo placement and partnership recognition on Humaneity website, Humaneity Facebook page, Humaneity newsletters and all other marketing collaterals(enquire for details)
Your logo prominently displayed on LCD screen(s) inside your nominated Collaboration Centre(enquire for details)
VIP Booking status to all Humaneity Networking Events (enquire for details)
(enquire for details)
Email signature reflecting partnership status on ALL Humaneity correspondence(enquire for details)
Promotion of Partnership status to all Humaneity partners and members(enquire for details)
Acknowledgement of partnership status at all events(enquire for details)
Participation in Humaneity Podcasts2 per year5 per year(enquire for details)
Logo on Nominated Humaneity merchandise, such as T-shirts.(enquire for details)
Access to Humaneity Community Database for newsletters and mail-outs(enquire for details)
Access to Humaneity VIP Networking Events throughout the year(enquire for details)
(enquire for details)
(enquire for details)
Key note speaker slot at nominated Humaneity events.(enquire for details)
Naming Rights opportunity for nominated Humaneity events(enquire for details)
Trophy naming rights for Humaneity Awards.(enquire for details)
Pull-up banner position at all nominated Humaneity events(enquire for details)
$1,825.00 annually
$5,000.00 annually
$25,000.00 annually
Price on Application

Humaneity partnership packages aim to
deliver at least five of the following outcomes:

  • A natural link with one or more of our Partners’ brand values (i.e.: sustainability, community development, innovation, environment, education, wellbeing)
  • Focus on local communities and benefits offered to these communities (both short and long term) with an emphasis on community enrichment and the environment
  • Naming rights or major sponsor identification
  • Where possible, Industry exclusivity
  • Business development opportunities
  • Access to customer and business databases and/or leads on new contacts (business and community)
  • Creative ideas for utilisation of the sponsorship (i.e.: “look outside the box”) to help differentiate our Partners’ brand from other companies
  • Opportunities for cross-promotion and/or promotion of Partners’ products & services
  • Opportunities for our Partners’ staff to be involved in the event/activity (beyond simply attending the event or receiving tickets, invitations, etc.)
  • Provide opportunities for key customer hospitality and business networking opportunities, and/or contact with key members of the community where appropriate
  • Programs that are conducted in a safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible way
  • Long term Partnership opportunities

Humaneity partnership packages also consider:

  • Details and objectives of the opportunity, event or program
  • Details of the synergy with our Humaneity Partners’ corporate objectives and brand values and how flexible the elements of the activity are to address our Partners’ requirements
  • A list of key benefits to the community
  • A list of sponsorship options and the benefits available for each level – including how they relate to our Partners’ business
  • Target audience details (including audience reach) and any other research to support the event or program
  • List of other sponsors and key parties involved who have committed to the activity
  • A timeline, including important deadlines (particularly marketing deadlines) and calendar of events
  • Credentials of our Partners’ company and key contacts (PR Manager, Marketing Manager, Event Producer, etc.)
  • The percentage of the Partners’ financial contribution Humaneity will spend on servicing the sponsorship
  • Provide a method of evaluating the success of the sponsorship against its objectives (e.g.: research, surveys, etc.)

All Humaneity partnership correspondence is to be sent in writing to:

Senior Vice President, Partnerships, Humaneity Limited
c/o Helensvale State High School, 243 Discovery Dr
Helensvale QLD 4212 AUSTRALIA

or via email to –