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Meet Michael Philpott

‘From Heroin to Happiness’

Team Humaneity is extremely excited to team up with New Zealander and ex-heroin addict Michael Philpott to share his story with the world. Michael Philpott has reached a stage of his life journey where he believes he is ready to share with the world the previously unknown story about his life.

A thrilling rollercoaster of emotions and epic milestones in every sense of the word. How did a seemingly ‘normal’ person become a heroin addict?

Over the course of the coming months Team Humaneity and Michael will embark on a fascinating journey of collaboration with the primarily aim of producing a ‘tell all’ epic book.

There will be additional material produced such as video’s, audio recordings, and posts where Michael’s story and subsequent coming out is told in the rawest of styles.

You can connect to more information about Michaels amazing journey on Facebook at 

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