Humaneity @ Helensvale State High School – Tiny House Project


Founded in 1990, Helensvale State High School caters for approximately 2600 students from Year 7 to Year 12 on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Humaneity and Helensvale State High School forged a partnership in mid 2016. This partnership was created to establish a collaboration community at the school. This collaboration community was created to give students real world experiences in working with businesses and community groups.

The Tiny House Project is the first collaboration project created at the school through this partnership. The goals of the project include allowing students to design, build and have an impact on where a Tiny House could be used in the local community.

Project Aims

Education Focus The Tiny House Project allows teachers and students the opportunity to be involved in a creative learning process. A real life project right inside the school where students from many classes can learn about sustainable living.

Positive Social Impact. The Tiny House Project is focused on creating a positive social impact for our community. The project team is looking at various ways the Tiny Houses made at the school could potentially be used for Homeless Shelters or to serve as transition housing for survivors of Domestic Violences situations.

Commercial Opportunity. With affordable housing being such a hot topic in Australia there is a real opportunity to turn this project into a commercial enterprise. Students could learn to start a business and be involved in every aspect of marketing and economic sustainability of this project.


Mark Blackshaw – Executive Principal

“This is an exciting opportunity for our students to connect with the community, to collaborate, innovate and learn by doing. By creating the Humaneity Collaboration Community it positions the school as a nucleus for community learning, engagement and collaboration.

“We want to provide a place where people can interact and grow and this goes to the heart of what we believe community must be about. I encourage our community to become involved and to come learn with us.”

Mark Philpott – Founder @ CEO Humaneity

“ I simply want to show everyone the absolute power of effective collaboration. Also to provide young people with an opportunity to get up a close and personal with real world projects. Our project also aims to engage the community and to give students the extra incentive to work alongside potential employers, and seasoned industry professionals”

Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House Team

Graeme Cook

A local real estate agent Graeme Cook : He is passionate about building and selling ‘Tiny Houses’ as well as  putting together Australia’s First “Tiny Villages”

Matthew Webster

With many years experience in the Modular building industry Matthew joins our team as the LEAD builder. Matthew has recently launched his own company called EcoSpace Solutions based in Brisbane.  QBCC License no 15024773.

Shereen Tanwan 

Shereen joins our team as the exclusive interior designer on the project. Silver Pink Designs is Sheerens business and whilst very passionate about design, Sheeren is very interested to see what she can create in a small space. This project is her first in the Tiny House world.

Marlon Pueblos

Marlon heralds from the Philippines but is now living and working at TAFE Gold Coast teaching design. Marlon’s passion for this project includes several key areas. Design and Social Impact. Marlon is a key member of our team, his drive, passion and sometimes ‘funny’ jokes makes you want to come back for more.

Katie Robinson

Although I graduated with a degree in architectural design many moons ago, my interests predominately lie in travel, culture, and the natural environment. From my first meeting with the Tiny House project, I have never felt such a buzz of energy from a room full of people from all walks of life sharing the same ideals and values as me, namely the fundamental notion of community, and living off the land in a sustainable manner. I am excited to see this ideology continue to grow organically, and the Tiny House project come to fruition, born from the collaboration of passionate like-minded people! I love the idea of working with the younger generation, so Helensvale High School is the perfect fit.

Alison and Izabel.

Mother and daughter team of Alison and Izabel have been with us from the beginning. Izabel is the youngest member of our Tiny House team at nine years old. Izabel loves interior design and at every meeting is very keen to share her desire to live in a Tiny house and to have a loft as a bedroom. Alison is very passionate about helping others and brings to the project an immense compassion for those affected by domestic violence and what potential solutions might look like by using Tiny Houses to help these members of our society.

Keith O’Connor

When I first saw the meet-up for Tiny House group I wasn’t sure what we would find. I had missed out on attending a tiny house meeting in Brisbane the previous year, and had a general interest in “all things tiny”. I view them as having great potential for being affordable, self sufficient energy-wise, community-enhancing living quarters. Since that first meeting, what has struck me is the energy and the drive of many in the group. I feel like this is a group that is going to finish what they have started. More recently I have thought about the possibilities of the group expanding beyond its current location and purposes and this possibility excites me. Tiny houses could be a way of improving our society; socially, environmentally and in the community. I suppose this is what inspires me, to be part of something that is bigger (or tinier!), and better than myself..

Susan Tong

Susan is a member of the Humaneity Team and is responsible for building Partnerships with organisations who believe in the power of collaboration with the Education sector. Susan is passionate about sustainable living and her interests in this project are varied and many.

Sam Bennett

Sam is currently 16 years old studying at Helensvale State High School, one of the largest schools in Queensland, as a senior school student. His aspirations are to travel the world by obtaining a career in commercial aviation, hopefully as a pilot, however he is open to choosing one of many varying career pathways that will open up to him as he completes his secondary school level education. Sam hopes that he will enter adulthood with a good balance of optimism and skeptism about what beholds his future and that of his peers, as well as a hope that he can contribute to a better world as not only an Australian citizen but a citizen of the world.

Cansu Dagdelen

Cansu is a Film and Television student at JMC Academy in Brisbane. Cansu is a member of the team and has already created a trailer for our Tiny House project. The video can be viewed here

Ryan Mount

We met Ryan at the Australian Industry Trade College in Robina on the Gold Coast in Australia. Ryan is a sixteen year old with big ambitions. His dream in life is to be a professional Motorcross rider. While Ryan is pursuing the path to make his dream come true he has joined our team to put his great skills to work in helping our team build a Tiny House.