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On Thursday November 17th,2016 a group from the Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House Project team visited the Tiny House Company warehouse in Brisbane. We were joined by friends from All Hallows School, as well as some members from the Brisbane Tiny House Facebook Group.

Thanks to Greg and Lara from the Tiny House Company in Brisbane we had a great time listening and learning about the hard work, passion and energy that has gone into designing and building Tiny Houses. It sure is a new and exciting industry as affordable housing trends in Australia start to increase. The USA is well ahead of the Australian industry but its thanks to people like Greg, Lara and Andrew ( who we didn’t meet today) who are inspiring others to consider the many benefits of tiny house living.

Our group was very impressed with the amount of detail that has gone into thinking of every aspect of tiny living. Sustainability is a big factor but also is the need to be mobile and given the restrictions on road transportation every aspect of the design needs to be carefully planned.


Humaneity Inspired Living Team – excluding Robin the Photographer taking this picture.

This visit served well for our own project at Helensvale State High School as we continue to work on the design of our prototype build. Our team sourced many good ideas from this visit that we will discuss and throw around over the coming week or two.

Our groups main priority remains to confirm the design plans for our first build so that we can commence the construction as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about the Humaneity Inspired Living – Tiny House Project you can write to or call us on (07) 5573.8574.

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