Why Build A Tiny House?

The Tiny House craze is sweeping the world, or at least that’s what some people would like you to believe. Unlike in America the Tiny House movement in Australia is still finding it’s legs. Trendy affordable housing solutions are all the rage down under at the moment, it’s no wonder when the challenge of getting into the property market for young people in Australia is almost impossible.

But that’s not why this Humaneity project started.

This Humaneity project started off as a collaboration project at Helensvale State High School in late 2016. When back then the Executive School Principal engaged with Humaneity to create a project built around collaboration. An opportunity for students at the school to become connected to a real world endeavour involving the local community, and local businesses.

In 2017 the project moved from Helensvale State High School to All Trades Queensland near Bisbane. A move that was perceived to create a better ‘building’ environment while  allowing another set of students (trades students) to also become involved in a real world project.

In early 2018 the Humaneity Tiny House project takes another step in it’s evolution. With the build aspect of the project coming close to the end, the tiny house is again on the move. This time the Tiny House will return to the Gold Coast to take up residence as a transitional housing solution for those in South East Queensland effected by domestic violence. In conjunction with professional support services, and a few philanthropic souls, Humaneity is excited about how this Tiny House will  have a positive impact on many peoples lives.

It has been due to the support and generosity of over fifty Australian companies and one in New Zealand that this project has been made possible. If you would like to know more about the Humaneity Tiny House project or to book Susan or Mark from Humaneity to come and speak at your next event you can reach out and email us today at collaborate@humaneity.com



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