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Has COVID 19 Affected Your Relationship? – Episode 11

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About Mark Philpott: Mark Philpott serves as host and executive producer of Humaneity, “Mark Philpott” is known as Ex Global Corporate Executive, Award Winning Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Author, TED Talk Participant, Serial Traveller, and Endurance Athlete.

COVID 19 has affected us all in many ways, one has been around our relationships.

Whether as a couple, family, friends, colleagues, and regardless of age, the fact of being in lockdown has completely changed our lives.

How we are dealing with COVID in our relationships?
How difficult is it to be away from the people you love?
How to have better communication during hard times?

Luisa and Mark have teamed up to commence a new series on the Conversations with Humaneity Channel.

Once per fortnight, the two will host a show and they will talk about topics that you the audience send in.

So get on the Humaneity Social Media sites and send in your suggestions for topics for them to discuss and they will give it a shot.

Connect with Luisa  instagram.com/luisafgonzalezl

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