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Journey With Joshua – Episode 155

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About Mark Philpott: Mark Philpott serves as host and executive producer of Humaneity, “Mark Philpott” is known as Ex Global Corporate Executive, Award Winning Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Author, TED Talk Participant, Serial Traveller, and Endurance Athlete.

Joshua travelled to Afghanistan to go to war, and after 10 years in the military, he commenced a 30 month, 119 countries, 6 continent travel crusade.

We have a great time talking about countries like Poland, Japan, Slovenia, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Dubai, and others. Find out where his worst Uber experience was, where the most memorable sunrise was, what country emotionally challenged him the most, and what city he couldn’t wait to get out of.

What’s really in the potatoes in Poland?
What’s the best lake to swim in Slovenia?
Where did he have his most memorable dinner?
What is the best value for money travel destination in Joshua’s mind?

Check out Joshua’s work: tiredofworking.com

Are you committed to turning up every single day to achieve your dream?

Mark Philpott 

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