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Kayaking In Antarctica – Episode 65

with Sophie Ballagh and Ewan Blyth

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About Mark Philpott: Mark Philpott serves as host and executive producer of Humaneity, “Mark Philpott” is known as Ex Global Corporate Executive, Award Winning Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Author, TED Talk Participant, Serial Traveller, and Endurance Athlete.

Two people, two kayaks, two weeks in Antarctica.

This intrepid couple doesn’t just love the outdoors, they seek it’s farthest extremities. Beyond wilderness is their life motto, and in this episode, we find out how these two antipodeans not only survived but thrived alone in Antarctica with only themselves to care for.

From the ultimate in whale watching scenes, to close encounters with penguins and other animals that love to live in the deep south.

Are you committed to turning up every single day to achieve your dream?

Mark Philpott 

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