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Talking To Strangers – Episode 134

with Kerrie Phipps

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About Mark Philpott: Mark Philpott serves as host and executive producer of Humaneity, “Mark Philpott” is known as Ex Global Corporate Executive, Award Winning Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Author, TED Talk Participant, Serial Traveller, and Endurance Athlete.

From a country town in regional Australia Kerrie has spread her wings to become an International Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Author.

We take a fascinating journey with Kerrie through various aspects of her life to find out how Coaching became a game-changer for her after a burnout phase, how taking her son prior to his birth overseas changed her life, as well as the many lessons she has learnt from visiting the countries where she has worked.

Kerrie also provides some useful tips on how we all can become better connectors by simply starting up a conversation with strangers no matter where we find ourselves in the world.

From Dubbo to Paris, and Singapore to Brunei. Kerrie takes us on a very personal reflection which includes some hidden gems like what makes her laugh at herself and what her husband says to her in Spanish.

Connect with Kerrie  kerriephipps.com

If it moves you, chase it

Mark Philpott 

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