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The European Excursion- Episode 125

with Kathi Kamleitner

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About Mark Philpott: Mark Philpott serves as host and executive producer of Humaneity, “Mark Philpott” is known as Ex Global Corporate Executive, Award Winning Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Author, TED Talk Participant, Serial Traveller, and Endurance Athlete.

Amazingly we get to talk about living in Vienna, the highlights of visiting Austria, living in Denmark as a Volunteer worker, and visiting Legoland, living in Berlin, and what Berliners have in common with New Yorkers, then we visit Iceland and discuss the Northern Lights, Jason Bourne, and Nightclubbing.

We talk on a walking tour around Glasgow, chat about Feminist Movie Festivals and once again how many islands there are in Scotland.

A fun, action-packed episode with a delightful guest.

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